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The Jersey Law Reports contain the published judgments of the Royal Court and the appeal courts from 1985 onwards. They continue the series of Jersey Judgments published by the Royal Court from 1950 to 1984 and are concerned with matters of lasting legal importance which have been selected from the court records for additional editing, research and indexing. The series of Unreported Judgments is the "raw material" - the judgments of the courts as issued by the courts themselves from 1997 onwards.

The Jersey Law Reports are being put online on a quarterly basis and the present coverage is from 1985 to June 2009.

The Jersey Judgments 1950-84 are also being put online in several phases, and the present coverage is from 1975 to 1984. At present, you will get a "Data not yet available" message if you try to access judgments from 1950 to 1974.

Practice Directions published in the printed volumes of The Jersey Law Reports have not been included in the online version, as they are available under the Courts tab on this site.

Searching the Jersey Law Reports

There are various search methods available to you -

·       using the links in the menu on the left of the screen, which will give you access to judgments via the volume in which they appear (JLR Cases by Volume), their names and cases cited in them (JLR Cases Reported & Cited), their subject-matter (JLR Subject-Matter Index), the legislation which they have construed (JLR Legislation Construed) and the English and French texts which have been cited in them (JLR Texts Cited). This method allows you to browse through separate lists if you do not have precise information.

·       using the JLR Detailed Search which will generate lists of judgments when you search by date, case name, judge, court and subject-matter, or any combination of these categories. This method is invaluable for a quick search when you already have this more specific information available to you.

·       in the JLR Detailed Search, you can also search for a word or phrase exclusively within the Judgments section (the JLR and/or the Unreported Judgments).

·       the JLR Detailed Search also allows you to make a limited joint search of The Jersey Law Reports and the Unreported Judgments.

REMEMBER that you can also use the Search button at the top right of any Jersey Law page to take you to the central search page to find information from the whole site including the judgments. For more information on how to use this and other searches to the best effect, click on the Search Tips link shown within the search pages.

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