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Revised Edition and Laws as Enacted

This area contains both the revised edition of the written laws of Jersey and those laws as they were enacted.

What is the revised edition?

The revised edition is a statement of the written laws of Jersey in force on a particular revision date (the date at the bottom of each page of the law). The current revised edition is arranged in chapters, by subject, and can be accessed through the chapters index or an A to Z index. The revised edition is maintained and given effect by the Law Revision Board.

Updates to the revised edition

The most recent update to the revised edition came into force on 1st April 2016. The update incorporated in the revised edition enactments brought into force from 2nd January 2015 to 1st January 2016 (inclusive).

A law is only updated and re-issued when it is amended. So, if a law in the current revised edition has a revision date of 31 August 2004, that means that it has not been amended between that date and the date of the most recent update.

How do I find out about laws enacted since the last revision date?

Both the chapters index and the A to Z index contain information, for each law, about amendments to that law that have come into force since the last revision date for it.

How do I find out about the history of a law?

Each law in the revised edition contains endnotes and, at the end of the document, a table, giving information about the laws which have amended it and when they came into force.

What if I want to look at a law as it was in force before the most recent revision date?

When an updated version of a law is brought into force, any version of the law with an earlier revision date is moved to superseded revised editions. The revised edition of a law is also moved to superseded revised editions following its repeal. The earliest versions in the database are dated 31 August 2004, which was the first revision date.

Laws as enacted

Both laws incorporated in the revised edition and laws omitted from it may still be viewed in laws as enacted, which is kept in date order. A law may be omitted from the revised edition because it is of transient effect, because it has no ongoing operative effect or because it post-dates the revision date.

Note: This online version of the revised edition is not the authorized version. The authorized version is available to purchase in booklet form from the States Greffe Bookshop, Morier House, St. Helier, Jersey, JE1 1DD.

Note: this electronic version is for information purposes only and is not the official or authorised version. The States of Jersey and the Jersey Legal Information Board give no warranty that the information in this database is error free or contains no omissions. No party shall be liable for any loss howsoever caused whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of this database.

Page last updated 01 Apr 2016