Welcome to the official website of the Jersey Legal Information Board. This is the repository of all laws and judgments for the Island of Jersey. It is a site presented to the legal and related professions as well as to the public generally so as to maximise access to legal information and services.

In the open section of this website you will find Jersey’s legislation, judgments as handed down by the Island’s court, details of Jersey law firms, the Jersey and Guernsey Law Review, and guidance on mediation processes. General information for citizens in the context of life events can be found under the 'Citizen' tab, which will take you to the Citizens Advice Bureau website.

In addition, subscribers and other registered users have access to further areas of the website, including the Annotated Laws, linking case law to statute, the official Jersey Law Reports and the former series - Jersey Judgments, a Legal Library of Jersey Texts, Books and Commentaries, and 'The Letter of the Law', a daily legal news digest covering the UK and EU.

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