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  Revised Edition - Marine
19.030Apprentissage pour le service de mer, Loi (1881) sur les brevets d’Repealed by L-09-2015  not in force
19.060Harbours (Administration) (Jersey) Law 1961Amended by L-09-2015  not in force
19.060.30Harbours (Inshore Safety) (Jersey) Regulations 2012Amended by L-09-2015  not in force
19.060.60Harbours (Jersey) Regulations 1962Amended by L-09-2015  not in force
19.060.80Harbours (Protection of Cables in Territorial Waters) (Jersey) Regulations 2010
19.080Harbour and Light Dues (Jersey) Law 1947Repealed by L-09-2015  not in force
19.080.50Tariff of Harbour Dues
19.210Jersey (Navigator Hyperbolic System) Order 1987
19.240Marine &C., Broadcasting (Offences) (Jersey) Order 1967
19.300Maritime Security (Jersey) Order 2014
19.310Merchant Shipping (Categorisation of Registries of Relevant British Possessions) Order 2003
19.311Merchant Shipping (Categorisation of Registries of Relevant British Possessions) (Amendment) Order 2013
19.525Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution Compensation Limits) Order 2003
19.540Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution) (Jersey) Order 1997
19.630Merchant Shipping Act 1937 Order in Council 1939
19.870Pilotage (Jersey) Law 2009Amended by L-09-2015  not in force
19.885Shipping (Jersey) Law 2002Amended by L-08-2015  Not in forceAmended by L-09-2015  not in forceSee also Shipping (Fishing Vessels Safety Codes of Practice) (Jersey) Regulations 2015 R&O-042-2015 In Force 14.7.15Amended by R&O-080-2015  In Force 15.7.15
19.885.10Shipping (Distress Signals and Prevention of Collisions) (Jersey) Order 2004Amended by L-09-2015  not in force
19.885.15Shipping (Employment of Young People) (Jersey) Order 2007
19.885.20Shipping (Fees) (Jersey) Order 2013
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