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Matthew Le Loreour, Viscount &c. presented that whereas he commanded Philip Le Bacotel, bordier &c. who holds his bordage [1] which belonged to Peter Seirre by the service of hanging thieves & of such mean services, that he should put Richard son of Geoffrey in the pillory by the order of the Justices here &c. the aforeseaid Philip would not do it, saying openly that he would not do this service. Therefore he is to be amerced. And the bordage is taken into the hands of the lord the King &c. Afterwards came Robert Crespel junior who married one of the heirs of the aforesaid Peter & prays that the aforesaid bordage may be re-delivered to him on condition that the aforesaid service be performed by him & he offers security &c. And it is granted to him by the pledge of the aforesaid Viscount. And he pledged likewise the whole of the land by way of security &c. [2]

Footnotes -

[1] - Cottage or small tenement held from a feudal lord

[2] - Pleas of the Crown concerning the Parish of St Helier 2EdwII (1309)

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