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Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal


Any award, (subject to the right of appeal to the Royal Court as set out in the Law) is legally binding and is the final decision of the Tribunal.  Each party, if applicable, is responsible for establishing their liabilities with regard to Social Security and Income Tax payments.


In the year two thousand and eighteen, the 12th January





Advocate C R Davies Deputy Chairman






Ashley John Scott






Jersey Post Limited






It being noted as follows:


  1. that following a hearing on 8th May 2017 the Tribunal ordered that the Respondent should not be granted leave to file a response form ‘out of time’ in relation to this matter;


  1. that an Article 12 hearing was accordingly fixed for 14th November 2017 for the adjudication of the suitable remedy in this case, with the Respondent being granted permission to attend the hearing;


  1. And upon having heard the Claimant give evidence on oath, and on having heard the submissions of Advocate Begg on his behalf and having considered, where appropriate, information provided by the Respondent:


At a hearing on 14th November 2017 the Tribunal ordered as follows:


The Tribunal being satisfied that the Claimant has established his case of unfair dismissal, ordered the Respondent to pay to the Claimant the sum of £9,936.48 in respect of his claim for unfair dismissal, this being compensation for unfair dismissal less an adjustment for the redundancy pay that he had already received (it having been accepted by the Claimant that such a deduction was appropriate). 



Signed:                                                                    Dated:





Advocate C R Davies

Deputy Chairman

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