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Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal



This award, (subject to the right of appeal to the Royal Court, as set out in the Law) is legally binding and is the final decision of the Tribunal. Each party, if applicable, is responsible for establishing their liabilities with regard to Social Security and Income Tax payments.


Reference:               2017TRE059



Applicant:                 Mr Waldemar Sztejenka   

Respondent:           General Carpenters (Jersey) Limited   


Hearing Date:          26 July 2017                                    


Before:                      Mrs H G Griffin, Chairman



The Applicant:        Ms Edyta Buard, Translator

The Respondent:   Mr M Pal















1.    The Claimant submitted a claim for unpaid wages to the Tribunal. 


2.    In its Response Form, the Respondent agreed that it owed outstanding wages to the Claimant.  However it also submitted a counterclaim for hours claimed by the Claimant which the Respondent considered to be excessive.


3.    At a Case Management Meeting held on 26 July 2017 the Claimant submitted that the Respondent owes to the Claimant unpaid wages amounting to £3,484.40 (“Unpaid Wages”).


4.    Mr and Mrs Pal accepted that the Respondent owes all of the Unpaid Wages. 


5.    Mr and Mrs Pal confirmed that the Respondent no longer wishes to pursue its counterclaim.


6.    In view of the above, the Respondent’s counterclaim is HEREBY STRUCK OUT.


7.    The Tribunal HEREBY AWARDS to the Claimant the sum of £3,484.40 to be paid by the Respondent to the Claimant.










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