Jersey Law 2/1955




A LAW   to amend the Motor Traffic (Jersey) Law, 1935, sanctioned by Order of Her Majesty in Council of the


7th day of APRIL, 1955.



(Registered on the 30th day of April, 1955).






The 25th day of January, 1955.


THE STATES, subject to the sanction of Her Most Excellent Majesty in Council, have adopted the following Law :  -


(1)           For Article 47 of the Motor Traffic (Jersey) Law, 1935,1 hereinafter referred to as “the principal Law”), there shall be substituted the following Article –


(1)          Any Committee of the States may fix stands for public service vehicles of any class or description on any property under its administration and the like power may be exercised by the Committee, with the approval of the Constable of any parish, in relation to any highway within the parish.

(2)          The States may make Regulations for determining the manner of using such stands and, in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, for restricting the use of any such stand or stands to cabs licensed under the Regulations, and any such Regulations may contain such incidental and supplementary provisions as appear to the States to be necessary for assuring an adequate service of cabs so licensed at reasonable charges.

(3)          Nothing in this Article shall derogate from the power of the States to grant concessions to the holders of Public Service Vehicle Licences for the use of any public property or any property under the control of the States as a station for vehicles to which those licences relate and to make charges for the grant of such concessions.”

(2)           Article 46 of the principal Law2 is hereby repealed.


At the end of Article 54 of the principal Law3 there shall be inserted the following paragraph –

“(3)        Regulations made by the States under this Law may provide for the recovery of monetary penalties in respect of any offence under this Law, being a contravention of or failure to comply with regulations, so, however, that such penalties shall not exceed ten pounds for each offence or, where the offence consists of continuing such contravention or failure after conviction thereof, ten pounds together with a further ten pounds for each day on which it is so continued.”


This Law may be cited as the Motor Traffic (Amendment No. 5) (Jersey) Law, 1955, and this Law and the Motor Traffic (Jersey) Laws, 1935 to 1949, may be cited together as the Motor Traffic (Jersey) Laws, 1935 to 1955.

To be printed, published and posted.




Greffier of the States.

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