Agricultural Marketing (Amendment No. 7) (Jersey Law 2004

Agricultural Marketing (Amendment No. 7) (Jersey) Law 2004

A LAW to amend further the Agricultural Marketing (Jersey) Law 1953.[1]

Adopted by the States                                            9th September 2003

Sanctioned by Order of Her Majesty in Council 10th December 2003

Registered by the Royal Court                                  9th January 2004

THE STATES, subject to the sanction of Her Most Excellent Majesty in Council, have adopted the following Law –

1        Interpretation

In this Law “principal Law” means the Agricultural Marketing (Jersey) Law 1953.[2]

2        Article 2 amended

In the proviso to Article 2(1) of the principal Law[3] for the words “Article 8” there shall be substituted the words “Article 6”.

3        Article 8 amended

In Article 8 of the principal Law[4] –

(a)     the existing text shall be numbered paragraph (1);

(b)     for paragraph (1)(ba) there shall be substituted the following paragraph –

“(ba)  subject to paragraph (2), for requiring the board to impose on, and recover from, any registered producer who contravenes any provision of the scheme made in pursuance of Article 11, such monetary penalties as may be specified in the scheme; and

(c)     after paragraph (1) there shall be added the following paragraph –

“(2)    Where a scheme provides for the board to impose a monetary penalty –

(a)     the penalty shall not be imposed in respect of a contravention of the scheme that constitutes an offence under any enactment other than this Law;

(b)     the penalty shall not be imposed without the registered producer being given such opportunity to be heard as the scheme shall provide; and

(c)     the penalty specified in the scheme shall not exceed £1,000 for each offence or, where the offence consists of continuing any such contravention, £1,000 together with a further £400 for each day on which it is so continued.”.

4        Article 14 amended

In Article 14(3) and (4) of the principal Law[5] for the words “sub-paragraphs (a) to (d) of the said paragraph (2)” there shall be substituted the words “paragraph (2)(a) to (e)”.

5        Article 23 amended

In Article 23 of the principal Law[6] –

(a)     in paragraph (1)(g) after the word “Law” there shall be inserted the words “or any Order made under this Law”; and

(b)     paragraph (2) shall be deleted.

6        Citation and commencement

This Law may be cited as the Agricultural Marketing (Amendment No. 7) (Jersey) Law 2004 and shall come into force on the seventh day following its registration.


Assistant Greffier of the States.



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