Public Elections (Amendment No. 6) (Jersey) Law 2016

Public Elections (Amendment No. 6) (Jersey) Law 2016

A LAW to amend further the Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002

Adopted by the States                                                    12th July 2016

Sanctioned by Order of Her Majesty in Council 14th December 2016

Registered by the Royal Court                             23rd December 2016

THE STATES, subject to the sanction of Her Most Excellent Majesty in Council, have adopted the following Law –

1        Article 72 of the Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002 amended

After Article 72(1A) of the Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002[1] there shall be inserted the following paragraphs –

“(1B) The States may, by Regulations, amend this Law and the Referendum (Jersey) Law 2002[2], or such Law as from time to time replaces it –

(a)     to enable a person to vote in electronic form and to provide for authentication of that person’s right to vote; and

(b)     without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (2)(b), to make all supplementary provision as is necessary to facilitate such voting, including provision regarding the conduct of a poll or referendum, the conduct of any count in a poll or referendum, and the steps to be taken after a result in a poll or referendum has been obtained.

(1C)   In paragraphs (1A) and (1B) a reference to doing something in electronic form is a reference to doing it by any electronic means, whether using the internet, any other form of remote communication or any other digital technology from time to time developed.”.

2        Citation and commencement

This Law may be cited as the Public Elections (Amendment No. 6) (Jersey) Law 2016 and shall come into force on the day after it is registered.

l.-m. hart

Deputy Greffier of the States



[1]                                    chapter 16.600

[2]                                    chapter 15.640

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