EU Legislation (Sanctions – Libya) (Amendment No. 7) (Jersey) Order 2019

Made                                                                        8th January 2019

Coming into force                                                     9th January 2019

THE MINISTER FOR EXTERNAL RELATIONS, in pursuance of Article 2 of the European Union Legislation (Implementation) (Jersey) Law 2014[1], orders as follows –

1        Article 1 amended

In Article 1 of the EU Legislation (Sanctions – Libya) (Jersey) Order 2014[2], in the definition “Regulation (EU) 2016/44”, for “6th August 2017” there is substituted “19th December 2018”.

2        Citation and commencement

This Order may be cited as the EU Legislation (Sanctions – Libya) (Amendment No. 7) (Jersey) Order 2019 and comes into force on the day after the day it is made.

senator i.j. gorst

Minister for External Relations



[1]                                    chapter 17.245

[2]                                    chapter 17.245.22

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