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Covid-19 (Workplace Restrictions) (Amendment No. 8) (Jersey) Order 2021

Made                                                                                                29th January 2021

Coming into force                                                                        30th January 2021

THE MINISTER FOR HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES makes this Order under Regulations 2 and 3 of the Covid-19 (Workplace Restrictions) (Jersey) Regulations 2020[1] and after having complied with the consultation requirements set out in Regulation 2(1) and (2) of those Regulations –

1        Amendment of Covid-19 (Workplace Restrictions) (Jersey) Order 2020

This Order amends the Covid-19 (Workplace Restrictions) (Jersey) Order 2020[2].

2        Article A1 (interpretation) amended

In Article A1 –

(a)     the existing text is numbered paragraph (1);

(b)     after that paragraph (1) there is inserted –

3        Article 5A (condition of opening: workers wearing masks or visors) amended

In Article 5A after paragraph (2) there is inserted –

“(2A) In the case of retail premises the requirement in paragraph (1) applies regardless of whether or not the worker is working in the presence of a visitor.”.

4        Citation and commencement

This Order may be cited as the Covid-19 (Workplace Restrictions) (Amendment No. 8) (Jersey) Order 2021 and comes into force on the day after it is made.

Deputy R.J. Renouf of St. Ouen

Minister for Health and Social Services

[1]                                     R&O.65/2020

[2]                                     R&O.67/2020

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