Road Works (Specified Road Works) (Jersey) Order 2018



1                 Specified road works. 3

2                 Citation and commencement 4


Road Works (Specified Road Works) (Jersey) Order 2018

Made                                                                        19th March 2018

Coming into force                                                     20th March 2018

THE MINISTER FOR INFRASTRUCTURE, in pursuance of Articles 6 and 68 of the Road Works and Events (Jersey) Law 2016[1], orders as follows –

1        Specified road works

(1)     An activity described in column 1 of the Table is “specified road works” for the purposes of Article 6 of the Road Works and Events (Jersey) Law 2016[2] if that activity –

(a)     is carried out by any person in the circumstances described in column 2 opposite that description of activity;

(b)     is carried out in a road and involves the temporary occupation or use of space in the road other than for normal traffic movement (including pedestrian traffic, where appropriate) or activity incidental to such normal traffic movement; and

(c)     does not fall within the description “highway authority works” or “undertaker works”.

(2)     In column 2 of the Table –

(a)     “limited” means circumstances where, in the opinion of the relevant highway authority the activity requires –

(i)      the restriction, whether intermittent or continuous, of normal vehicular movement along a carriageway (whether or not controlled by temporary traffic lights) by means of closure, suspension, priority passing or similar, or

(ii)      the closure of a footway;

(b)     “any” means any circumstances, including circumstances that are “limited”.



Column 1

Column 2

Description of activity carried out

Circumstances in which activity is carried out

operating a mobile crane


using equipment to pump concrete


unloading or loading scaffolding


construction or maintenance work of a building (excluding the cleaning of the exterior of a building)


cleaning the exterior of premises (other than domestic premises)


constructing or repairing a wall on the side of a road


road side stabilisation works on private land such netting, pinning, rock bolting, cutting and clearing on road side slopes, banks or rock face


tree felling other than hedge trimming and branchage


constructing or modifying an entrance for vehicles (whether for temporary or permanent access)


survey works for any activity falling within the definition “road works”


placing or using skips on a road


placing or using scaffolding on a road


storing building materials on a road


2        Citation and commencement

This Order may be cited as the Road Works (Specified Road Works) (Jersey) Order 2018 and shall come into force the day after the day it is made.

deputy e.j. noel of st. lawrence

Minister for Infrastructure



[1]                                    chapter 25.600

[2]                                    chapter 25.600

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