Financial Services (Amendment of Law) (No. 5) (Jersey) Regulations 2018

Financial Services (Amendment of Law) (No. 5) (Jersey) Regulations 2018

Made                                                                       22nd March 2018

Coming into force                                                     29th March 2018

THE STATES, in pursuance of Article 4(2) of the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998[1], have made the following Regulations –

1        Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998 amended

In Article 1(1) of the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998[2] –

(a)     after the definition “investment business” there shall be inserted following definition –

“ ‘Jersey AIF’ has the meaning given to ‘AIF’ by Regulation 3 of the Alternative Investment Funds (Jersey) Regulations 2012[3];”;

(b)     in the definition “principal person”, in sub-paragraph (b), after clause (iii) there shall be added the following words –

“but not including, in relation to a company that is a Jersey AIF, any shareholder controller of that company;”.

2        Citation and commencement

These Regulations may be cited as the Financial Services (Amendment of Law) (No. 5) (Jersey) Regulations 2018 and shall come into force 7 days after they are made.

l.-m. hart

Deputy Greffier of the States



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