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Building Bye-laws (Amendment No. 6) (Jersey) 2019

Made                                                                                                           4th July 2019

Coming into force                                                                           1st October 2019

THE MINISTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT makes these Bye-laws under Articles 30 and 124 of the Planning and Building (Jersey) Law 2002[1] –

1        Amendment of the Building Bye-laws (Jersey) 2007

The Building Bye-laws (Jersey) 2007[2] (the “2007 Bye-laws”) are amended in accordance with these Bye-laws and a reference to a bye-law or Schedule 2 is to the bye-law of that number in, or the Schedule of that number to, the 2007 Bye-laws.

2        Bye-law 1 (interpretation) amended

In bye-law 1(1), in the definition “building work”, after sub-paragraph (f) there is inserted –

“(g)    the removal from a building of a fixed gas burning appliance provided for the purpose of space heating, water heating or cooking;”.

3        Bye-law 6 (requirements in relation to material change of use) amended

In bye-law 6(1)(d), for “(resistance to contaminants)” there is substituted “(precautions in relation to contaminants)”.

4        Bye-law 15 (certifiable building work) amended

In bye-law 15(6)(a) (definition of “certifiable building work”) after “installation” there is inserted “or removal”.

5        Schedule 2 (requirements) amended

(1)     In Part 3 (combustion appliances and fuel storage systems) of Schedule 2 –

(a)     for paragraph 3.2A (warning of release of carbon monoxide) there is substituted –

Where a combustion appliance is installed, appropriate provision must be made, having regard to the design and location of the appliance, to detect and give early warning of the release of carbon monoxide at levels harmful to persons.”;

(b)     in paragraph 3.3 (protection of building) after sub-paragraph (1) there is inserted –

“(1A) Where a fixed gas burning appliance provided for the purpose of space heating, water heating or cooking is removed from a building, adequate provision must be made to prevent gas from the gas supply pipework escaping into the building.”.

(2)     In Part 4 (site preparation and resistance to moisture) of Schedule 2 –

(a)     in the heading of that Part, after “Resistance to” there is inserted “Contaminants and”;

(b)     for paragraph 4.1(1) there is substituted –

“(1)    The ground to be covered by a building must be reasonably free from any material that might damage that building or affect its stability, including organic matter, topsoil and pre-existing foundations.”;

(c)     for paragraph 4.2 there is substituted –

(1)     Reasonable precautions must be taken to avoid danger to health and safety caused by contaminants on, or in the ground covered, or to be covered by a building and, contaminants on or in any land associated with that building.

(2)     For the purposes of this requirement, “contaminant” means any substance which is, or may become, harmful to persons or buildings including substances which are corrosive, explosive flammable, radioactive or toxic.”;

(d)     for paragraph 4.4(1) there is substituted –

“(1)    The walls, floors and roof of a building must adequately protect that building and people who use it from harmful effects caused by –

(a)     ground moisture;

(b)     precipitation including wind-driven spray;

(c)     interstitial and surface condensation; and

(d)     spillage of water from, or associated with, sanitary fittings or fixed appliances.”.

6        Citation and commencement

These Bye-laws may be cited as the Building Bye-laws (Amendment No. 6) (Jersey) 2019 and come into force on 1st October 2019.

deputy j.h. young of st. brelade

Minister for the Environment


[1]                                     chapter 22.550

[2]                                     chapter 22.550.05

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