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Animal Health (Tuberculosis) (Amendment) (Jersey) Order 2020

Made                                                                                                        21st May 2020

Coming into force                                                                               28th May 2020

THE MINISTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT makes this Order under Article 7 and 32 of the Animal Health (Jersey) Law 2016[1] –

1        Amendment of the Animal Health (Tuberculosis) (Jersey) Order 2017

The Animal Health (Tuberculosis) (Jersey) Order 2017[2] is amended in accordance with this Order.

2        Article 1 (interpretation) amended

In Article 1 for the definition of “approved veterinary surgeon” there is substituted –

“ “approved tuberculin tester” means a person who is approved in accordance with Article 9(1);”.

3        Article 3 (notification, suspicion and testing for tuberculosis) amended

In Article 3 –

(a)     in paragraph (1)(d) for “approved veterinary surgeon” there is substituted “approved tuberculin tester,”;

(b)     in paragraph (2) for “a veterinary inspector” in both places where it occurs there is substituted “an inspector”;

(c)     in paragraph (4) for “the States Veterinary Officer” there is substituted “a veterinary inspector”.

4        Article 9 (approval of veterinary surgeons) amended

In Article 9 –

(a)     for the heading there is substituted –

“Approval of tuberculin testers”;

(b)     in paragraph (1), after “The Minister may approve”, there is inserted “as a tuberculin tester”;

(c)     in each of the following paragraphs for “veterinary surgeon” there is substituted “person” –

(i)      paragraph (1),

(ii)      paragraph (2),

(iii)     paragraph (3).

5        Article 10 (facilitating examination, testing and valuation) amended

(1)     In Article 10(1) after “inspector” in both places where it occurs there is inserted “or an approved tuberculin tester”.

(2)     In Article 10(2) after “inspector” there is inserted “or tester”.

6        Article 11 (default) amended

In Article 11(1) after “inspector” in the first place where it occurs there is inserted “or approved tuberculin tester”.

7        Citation and commencement

This Order may be cited as the Animal Health (Tuberculosis) (Amendment) (Jersey) Order 2020 and comes into force 7 days after the day it is made.

deputy g.c.u. guida of st. lawrence

for and on behalf of
Minister for the Environment


[1]                                     chapter 02.020

[2]                                     chapter 02.020.91

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