Act declaring that part of a taxation draft entitled the Customs and Excise (Amendment No. 3) (Jersey) Law 200- shall have immediate effect

Made                                                                              4th July 2006

THE STATES, in pursuance of Article 19 of the Public Finances (Jersey) Law 2005[1], have made the following Act –

IT IS DECLARED that the taxation draft entitled the Customs and Excise (Amendment No. 3) (Jersey) Law 200- (lodged au Greffe on 11th May 2006 by the Minister for Treasury and Resources (P.52/2006)) shall, with the exception of Article 2, have immediate effect as if this declaration were the registration of a Law passed by the States and sanctioned by Her Majesty in Council that was to come into force on registration.


Greffier of the States



[1]                                    chapter 24.900

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