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Amendment (No. 41) of the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey

Made                                                                                           10th September 2019

Coming into force                                                                   11th September 2019

THE STATES make the following Amendment to the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey[1] under Article 48 of the States of Jersey Law 2005[2] 

1        Interpretation

In these Amendments, a reference to a standing order by number is a reference to the standing order of that number in the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey[3].

2        Standing order 1 (interpretation) amended

After standing order 1(3) there is inserted –

“(4)    A reference in any other enactment to the “chairman” or “chairmen”, as the case may be, of the Public Accounts Committee, the Privileges and Procedures Committee, the Planning Committee, the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission, a scrutiny panel, a review panel or a Committee of Inquiry shall be construed for the purposes of these Standing Orders as a reference to the “chair” or “chairs” of that Committee or panel, as the case may be.”.

3        Change of name of "chairmen's committee"

(1)     In standing order 1(1) –

(a)     the definition “chairmen’s committee” is deleted;

(b)     after the definition “review panel”, there is inserted –

“ “scrutiny liaison committee” means the committee of that name established by standing orders;”.

(2)     In every standing order in which “chairmen’s committee” occurs, there are substituted for those words “scrutiny liaison committee”.

4        Substitution of "chairman" with "chair"

In every standing order in which “chairman” or “chairmen” occurs –

(a)     for “chairman”, in every place where it occurs, there is substituted “chair”;

(b)     for “chairmen”, there is substituted “chairs”.

5        Citation and commencement

This Amendment may be cited as Amendment (No. 41) of the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey and comes into force on the day after it is made.

dr. m. egan

Greffier of the States


[1]                                     chapter 16.800.15

[2]                                     chapter 16.800

[3]                                     chapter 16.800.15

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