Sea Fisheries (Les Ecréhous) (Jersey) Regulations 2018

Made                                                                   11th September 2018

Coming into force                                               18th September 2018

THE STATES, in pursuance of Articles 2, 5 and 29 of the Sea Fisheries (Jersey) Law 1994[1], have made the following Regulations –

1        Interpretation

In these Regulations –

“Les Ecréhous” means the area –

(a)     that is bounded by straight lines drawn in the sequences set out in Columns 1 and 2 of the table set out in the Schedule, as determined in accordance with the World Geodetic System 1984; and

(b)     depicted in the chartlet set out in the Schedule;

“parlour pot” means any pot, container or item whatsoever which is designed, adapted or intended to be used, or which is capable of being used, for the taking of crustaceans and which is a double-chambered pot, container or item, with the second chamber known as the parlour from which escape is restricted.

2        Restrictions on the use of pots and traps in Les Ecréhous

No person shall use, or cause to be used, for the purpose of fishing for sea fish in Les Ecréhous, or leave in the sea within Les Ecréhous –

(a)     any parlour pot;

(b)     any pot, other than a pot with an entrance that is –

(i)      straight and unobstructed,

(ii)      at least 14 cms wide,

(iii)     made of rigid material, and

(iv)     located in the top part of the pot; or

(c)     any pot or trap that is so constructed that fish (other than molluscs), having entered it, cannot escape from it.

3        Citation and commencement

These Regulations may be cited as the Sea Fisheries (Les Ecréhous) (Jersey) Regulations 2018 and shall come into force 7 days after the day they are made.

dr. m. egan

Greffier of the States



(Regulation 1)


Column 1

Column 2


World Geodetic System 1984


World Geodetic System 1984











Map of area of Les Ecrèhous





[1]                                    chapter 14.825

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