Terrorism (Proscribed Organizations) (Amendment No. 3) (Jersey) Order 2007

Made                                                                            17th July 2007

Coming into force                                                         18th July 2007

THE MINISTER FOR HOME AFFAIRS, in pursuance of Article 6(3)(a) of the Terrorism (Jersey) Law 2002[1], orders as follows –

1        Schedule 1 to the Terrorism (Jersey) Law 2002 amended

Schedule 1 to the Terrorism (Jersey) Law 2002 shall be amended by adding, at the end of the list of proscribed organizations, the following organizations –


The Saved Sect.

Baluchistan Liberation Army.

Teyrebaz Azadiye Kurdistan.

Tehrik Nefaz-e Shari'at Muhammadi.

Jammat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh.”.

2        Citation and commencement

This Order may be cited as the Terrorism (Proscribed Organizations) (Amendment No. 3) (Jersey) Order 2007 and shall come into force on the day after the day on which it is made.

senator w. kinnard

Minister for Home Affairs



[1]                                    chapter 17.860

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