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Amendment (No. 53) of the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey

Made                                                                                                          21st July 2021

Coming into force                                                                                22nd July 2021

THE STATES make the following Amendment to the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey under Article 48 of the States of Jersey Law 2005 –

1        Amendment of Standing Orders

This Amendment amends the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey.

2        Standing Order 3 (sessions of the States) amended

In standing order 3 –

(a)     in paragraph (2), after “in January and” there is inserted “, except during any year in which there is to be an ordinary election,”;

(b)     after paragraph (2) there is inserted –

“(2A) In a year in which an ordinary election is held, the Bailiff must determine the date on which the 1st session will end to ensure that the appointments stipulated in standing order 112 may take place before the end of the session.”.

3        Standing Order 7 (times when States shall not meet) amended

In standing order 7 –

(a)     for “of 21 days” there is substituted “commencing with the week before the week in which the candidates nominated for an ordinary election are announced and”;

(b)     “for Senators or an ordinary election for Deputies” is deleted.

4        Standing Order 19A (prohibition on lodging before ordinary election) amended

In standing order 19A –

(a)     the existing paragraph is renumbered as paragraph (1);

(b)     in the renumbered paragraph (1), for “any period of 21 days ending with an ordinary election” there is substituted “the pre-election period”;

(c)     after the renumbered paragraph (1) there is inserted –

“(2)    The pre-election period is the period commencing 2 months before the first day of the nomination period for an ordinary election and ending with an ordinary election.”.

5        Standing Order 34 (withdrawing a proposition before debate) amended

In standing order 34, after paragraph (3) there is inserted –

“(4)    A proposition in respect of which the debate has not been completed by the end of the last meeting before an ordinary election shall be taken to have been withdrawn at the end of that meeting.”.

6        Standing Order 112 (order of and time for selection and appointment following ordinary election) amended

In the table in standing order 112(1), in the entry relating to the selection of Ministers, appointment of Chairs of PPC, PAC and Scrutiny Panels, and Chairs of the Planning and Jersey Overseas Aid Committees, in the second column “working” is deleted.

7        Standing Order 164 (suspension of member of the States) amended

In standing order 164, in paragraphs (4), (5) (6) and (9) for “3 year”, in each place it occurs, there is substituted “single”.

8        Citation and commencement

These Amendments may be cited as the Amendment (No. 53) of the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey and come into force on the day after they are made.



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