Royal Court (Amendment No. 25) Rules 2019

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Royal Court (Amendment No. 25) Rules 2019

Made                                                                                           26th September 2019

Coming into force                                                                           9th October 2019

THE SUPERIOR NUMBER OF THE ROYAL COURT makes these Rules under Article 13 of the Royal Court (Jersey) Law 1948[1], Article 18(2) of the Adoption (Jersey) Law 1961[2], Article 67 of the Children (Jersey) Law 2002[3], Article 43 of the Matrimonial Causes (Jersey) Law 1949[4] and Article 69 of the Civil Partnership (Jersey) Law 2012[5] –

1        References to Minister for Health and Social Services substituted

In each of the following Rules, for the reference to the “Minister for Health and Social Services” there is substituted a reference to the “Minister for Children and Housing” –

(a)     Rule 1(1) of, and in Form No. 6 in Schedule 1 to, the Adoption Rules 1962[6];

(b)     Rule 2(c) of the Children (Prescribed Classes of Applicant to vary Directions) Rules 2005[7];

(c)     Rule 56(d) of the Civil Partners Causes Rules 2012[8]; and

(d)     Rule 50(d) of the Matrimonial Causes Rules 2005[9].

2        Transitional provisions

(1)     The substitutions effected by Rule 1 shall not prejudice the operation of any appointment, delegation, determination, direction, instruction, approval, consent, requirement, authorization or other thing that was, before these Rules come into force, made, given or done by the Minister for Health and Social Services in relation to the functions, rights and liabilities previously exercised, and in all proceedings currently before the Court, such matter shall, if then in force, continue in force to the like extent and subject to the like provisions as if it had been duly made, given or done by the Minister for Children and Housing.

(2)     Where, upon the coming into force of these Rules, any legal proceeding is pending to which the Minister for Health and Social Services is a party and the proceeding has reference to any of the functions, rights, or liabilities transferred by Rule 1, the Minister for Children and Housing shall be substituted in the proceeding for the Minister for Health and Social Services and the proceeding shall not abate by reason of the substitution.

3        Citation and commencement

These Rules may be cited as the Royal Court (Amendment No. 25) Rules 2019 and come into force on 9th October 2019.

a.j. clarke

Judicial Greffier


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