Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Jersey) Law 2015 (Appointed Day) Act 2015

Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Jersey) Law 2015 (Appointed Day) Act 2015

Made                                                                     8th September 2015

Coming into force                                                 8th September 2015

THE STATES, in pursuance of Article 55(2) of the Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Jersey) Law 2015[1], have made the following Act –

1        Commencement of the Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Jersey) Law 2015

(1)     The following provisions of the Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Jersey) Law 2015[2] (the “Law”) shall come into force immediately after the making of this Act –

(a)     Article 1, for the purpose of interpretation of other provisions brought into force by this paragraph;

(b)     Article 3;

(c)     Article 13, for the purpose of making an Order, in accordance with paragraph (1) of that Article, to take effect upon the commencement of Article 7 of the Law under paragraph (2) of this Article;

(d)     Part 5;

(e)     Articles 47, 50, 53, 54(2) and 55.

(2)     To the extent that it is not brought into force by paragraph (1), the Law shall come into force –

(a)     on 1st October 2015; or

(b)     immediately after the commencement of transfer Regulations made under Part 5 of that Law,

whichever is the later.

2        Citation

This Act may be cited as the Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Jersey) Law 2015 (Appointed Day) Act 2015.

m.n. de la haye, o.b.e.

Greffier of the States



[1]                                    L.9/2015

[2]                                    L.9/2015

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