Social Security (Christmas Bonus) (Amendment) (Jersey) Regulations 2017

Made                                                                       31st October 2017

Coming into force                                                  1st November 2017

THE STATES, in pursuance of Article 2 of the Social Security (Bonus) (Jersey) Law 2014[1], have made the following Regulations –

1        Social Security (Christmas Bonus) (Jersey) Regulations 2016 amended

In Regulation 2 of the Social Security (Christmas Bonus) (Jersey) Regulations 2016[2] –

(a)     after paragraph (2) there shall be inserted the following paragraph –

“(2A) Subject to paragraph (4), a person who, under Regulation 5 of the Social Security (Health Bonus Scheme) (Jersey) Regulations 2016[3], is admitted to the health bonus scheme on or before 1st November in any year (beginning with and including, November 2017) and remains eligible to be admitted to the health bonus scheme during the whole of that November shall be deemed –

(a)     for the purposes of paragraph (1), to have fulfilled the requirements as to eligibility in paragraph (2) as required under paragraph (1)(a); and

(b)     to have submitted a claim to the Minister under Regulation 5 and to have received a notification under Regulation 5 that the claim made in accordance with that Regulation has been accepted as required under paragraph (1)(b).”;

(b)     after paragraph (6) there shall be inserted the following paragraph –

“(7)    In paragraph (2A), ‘health bonus scheme’ has the meaning given by Regulation (1) of the Social Security (Health Bonus Scheme) (Jersey) Regulations 2016[4].”.

2        Citation and commencement

These Regulations may be cited as the Social Security (Christmas Bonus) (Amendment) (Jersey) Regulations 2017 and shall come into force on the day after the day they are made.

dr. m. egan

Greffier of the States



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