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Amendment (No. 47) of the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey

Made                                                                                                   7th October 2020

Coming into force                                                                           8th October 2020

THE STATES make the following Amendment to the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey[1] under Article 48 of the States of Jersey Law 2005[2] –

1        Standing Order 104A (Time limits on speeches in debates) inserted

After standing order 104 of the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey[3] there is inserted the following standing order –

“104A    Time limits on speeches in debates

(1)     A speech by a member of the States in a debate must not exceed 15 minutes in length unless the presiding officer has exercised discretion to allow the member to speak for longer.

(2)     However, the presiding officer may exercise discretion to implement a shorter time limit than 15 minutes for speeches made during the entirety of, or parts of, a debate.

(3)     The Bailiff, after consultation with the Privileges and Procedures Committee, must issue guidance explaining how the presiding officer may exercise discretion under paragraphs (1) and (2).

(4)     The length of a member’s speech shall not be taken to include –

(a)     any time required to address a point of order or a matter of privilege or immunity raised under standing order 101(1)(a);

(b)     any time during which the member speaking has agreed to give way in accordance with standing order 101(1)(c);

(c)     any time required for the member to explain any material part of his or her speech in accordance with standing order 103(2)(d); or

(d)     any time required during the member’s speech for questions to be put to the Attorney General or the Solicitor General.

(5)     No time limit under this standing order applies, in a debate upon a proposition of no confidence in or to censure, suspend or expel a member of the States, to a speech made by the member who is the subject of the proposition or by the chair or president of the committee or panel which is the subject of the proposition.”.

2        Citation and commencement

This Amendment may be cited as Amendment (No. 47) of the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey and comes into force on the day after it is made.


[1]                                     chapter 16.800.15

[2]                                     chapter 16.800

[3]                                     chapter 16.800.15

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