Road Traffic (Speed Limits) (Amendment No. 14) (Jersey) Order 2021

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Road Traffic (Speed Limits) (Amendment No. 14) (Jersey) Order 2021

Made                                                                                              5th November 2021

Coming into force                                                                      6th November 2021

THE MINISTER FOR INFRASTRUCTURE, after consultation with the Connétable of St. Saviour, makes this Order under Articles 21 and 84 of the Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956 –

1        Order amended

This Order amends the Road Traffic (Speed Limits) (Jersey) Order 2003.

2        Schedule 1 (30 mph speed limit) amended

In Schedule 1 under the heading “St. Saviour” for all the entries starting with “Bagatelle Road” and ending “Victoria Road” there is substituted –

“Bagatelle Road

Bagot Road

Brickfield Lane

Georgetown Road

La Chasse du Mourin

La Fosse a l’Ecrivain

La Grande Route de St. Martin (between Five Oaks and a point 50 yards south-westerly from La Rue du Moulin and between a point 70 yards south of La Rue du Ponterrin and the property known as Les Hautes Carrieres)

La Route de Maufant (from La Grande Route de St. Martin to Maufant Vineries)

La Route de la Hougue Bie (from La Rue du Trot to the entrance to La Hougue Bie)

La Route de la Hougue Bie (from a point 50 yards east of the entrance to St. Saviour’s Hospital to a point 230 yards west of La Ruette des Ecorvees)

La Route des Champs

La Route du Fort

La Rue de Beauvoir

La Rue de Champ Colin

La Rue de St. Mannelier

La Rue de la Bachauderie

La Rue de la Chouquetterie

La Rue de la Commune

La Rue de la Croix Besnard

La Rue de la Freminerie

La Rue de la Guilleaumerie (between La Rue du Pont and La Rue du Ponterin)

La Rue de la Hambye

La Rue de la Retraite (between La Rue de Bauvoir to La Rue du Tapon)

La Rue des Pigneaux

La Rue des Prés

La Rue des Prés Trading Estate

La Rue du Château Clairval

La Rue du Moulin

La Rue du Paradis

La Rue du Pont

La Rue du Ponterrin

La Rue du Pré

La Rue du Tapon

La Rue du Trot

La Rue du Vieux Ménage

La Rue le Masurier

La Rue Messervy

La Rue St. Julien

La Ruette

La Ruette du Ponterrin

Le Dicq

Le Mont de la Roserie

Le Mont es Neaux

Le Mont Sohier

Le Val Aume

Les Grands Vaux (between Le Mont de la Rosière and a point 74 yards east of La Rue de Deloraine)

Les Grands Vaux (between its southern boundary with the parish of St. Helier and a point 33 yards south of Langley Park)

Les Routeurs

Les Ruettes

Les Varines

Les Vaux (from La Rue de la Chouquetterie to La Rue St. Julien)

Longueville Road (from Bagot Road to Le Mont ès Nieaux)

Ivystill Lane

New York Lane

Petit Ponterrin

Plat Douet Road (from the boundary with the Parish of St. Clement to La Rue des Prés)

Princes Tower Road (from La Rue des Friquettes to La Rue de la Houguette)

St. Mark’s Road

St. Saviour’s Hill

St. Saviour’s Road

Springfield Road

Stopford Road

Unnamed road between La Rue de la Parade and La Rue du Paradis

Victoria Road”.

3        Schedule 2 (20 mph speed limit) amended

In Schedule 2 for all the entries under the heading “St. Saviour” there is substituted –

“Albert Road

Aubin Lane

Bagatelle Lane

Beach Road

Bel Air Lane

Belvedere Hill

Claremont Road

Dicq Road

Dunell Road

Elizabeth Street

Fountain Lane

The estate roads at Grasett Park

Highlands Lane

James Road

La Chasse Brunet

La Croix de Bois

La Grève d’Azette

La Pointe

La Rue à la Dame

La Rue de Deloraine

La Rue de La Hougette

La Rue de Patier

La Rue des Friquettes

La Rue du Froid Vent (from Wellington Road to St. Saviour’s Hill)

La Rue St. Thomas

La Ruette de Patier

La Ruette des Ecorvées

La Ruette du Sacrement

Langley Avenue

Langley Park

Le Clos de Paumelle

Le Clos Gosset

The estate roads at Le Geyt Flats

The estate roads at Les Cinq Chênes

Les Grands Vaux (between its boundary with St. Helier at the point that is 93 yards south of Stafford Lane and a point 33 yards south of Langley Park)

Le Jardin à Pommiers and the unnamed residential roads that branch from it

Little Sunshine Avenue

Maison St. Louis

Mary Street

Plat Douet Road (from La Rue des Près to Bagot Road)

Rectory Lane

Sunshine Avenue

Swan Farm Lane

Valley Road

The estate roads at Wellington Park”.

4        Citation and commencement

This Order may be cited as the Road Traffic (Speed Limits) (Amendment No. 14) (Jersey) Order 2021 and comes into force on the day after the day it is made.

Deputy K.C. Lewis of St. Saviour

Minister for Infrastructure



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