Excise Duty (Relief and Drawback) (Amendment No. 4) (Jersey) Order 2008

Made                                                                     7th November 2008

Coming into force                                                  1st December 2008

THE MINISTER FOR TREASURY AND RESOURCES, in pursuance of Articles 41 and 73 of the Customs and Excise (Jersey) Law 1999[1], orders as follows –

1        Interpretation

In this Order “principal Order” means the Excise Duty (Relief and Drawback) (Jersey) Order 2000[2].

2        Article 1 amended

In Article 1(1) of the principal Order –

(a)     the definitions “hire vehicle” and “registered” shall be deleted;

(b)     before the definition “furnace fuel” there shall be inserted the following definitions –

“ ‘beer’ has the same meaning as in the Customs and Excise (Jersey) Law 1999;

‘cider’ has the same meaning as in the Customs and Excise (Jersey) Law 1999;”.

3        Article 3 amended

In Article 3(1) of the principal Order for sub-paragraph (b) there shall be substituted the following sub-paragraphs –

“(b)    4 litres of wine;

(ba)    16 litres of beer or cider; and”.

4        Article 7 revoked

Article 7 of the principal Order shall be revoked.

5        Article 8 amended

In Article 8 of the principal Order –

(a)     in paragraph (1)(a) and (b) the words “(other than motor vehicles)” shall be deleted;

(b)     paragraph (3) shall be deleted.

6        Citation and commencement

This Order may be cited as the Excise Duty (Relief and Drawback) (Amendment No. 4) (Jersey) Order 2008 and shall come into force on 1st December 2008.

senator t.a. le sueur

Minister for Treasury and Resources



[1]                                    chapter 24.660

[2]                                    chapter 24.660.50

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