Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Transfer No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations 2017

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Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Transfer No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations 2017

THE STATES, in pursuance of Articles 33 and 53 of the Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Jersey) Law 2015[1], have made the following Regulations –

Commencement [see endnotes]

1        Transfer of specified staff to Ports of Jersey Limited

(1)     All rights and liabilities under and in relation to contracts of employment of persons to whom paragraph (2) applies are transferred to POJL on 1st December 2017, without variation and in accordance with Part 5 of the Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Jersey) Law 2015[2].

(2)     This paragraph applies to an individual person who –

(a)     immediately before the date mentioned in paragraph (1), is employed by the States of Jersey in providing maintenance or support services to the Department for Infrastructure; and

(b)     is identified by name in a letter of intent dated 9th August 2017 and sent by the Minister for Infrastructure to the Group Chief Executive of POJL.

2        Citation

These Regulations may be cited as the Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Transfer No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations 2017.




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Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Transfer No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations 2017


11 October 2017


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[1]                                    chapter 03.050

[2]                                    chapter 03.050

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