Postal Services (International) (Jersey) Order 2005

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Postal Services (International) (Jersey) Order 2005

THE POLICY AND RESOURCES COMMITTEE, in pursuance of Articles 73(2) and 83(4) of the Postal Services (Jersey) Law 2004, and after consulting the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority and the Economic Development Committee, orders as follows –

Commencement [see endnotes]

1        JCRA to recognize Jersey Post Ltd for UPU purposes

The Authority shall recognize Jersey Post Limited as the entity –

(a)     to fulfil in Jersey such operational obligations with respect to postal services as are Jersey’s obligations that arise from Jersey’s adherence to the Universal Postal Union Convention or under any agreement, act or other instrument of the Universal Postal Union; and

(b)     to issue postage stamps bearing the word “Jersey” and attesting payment of postage according to the acts of the Universal Postal Union.

2        Citation

This Order may be cited as the Postal Services (International) (Jersey) Order 2005.



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Postal Services (International) (Jersey) Order 2005


1 July 2006

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