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Bank Notes (Jersey) Law 1955
Building Loans (Jersey) Law 1950
Building Loans (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Jersey) Regulations 1961
Building Loans (Prescribed Rate of Interest) (Jersey) Order 2003
Children's Benefit Funds (Jersey) Law 1969
Comptroller and Auditor General (Jersey) Law 2014
Comptroller and Auditor General (Board of Governance) (Jersey) Order 2015
Control of Borrowing (Jersey) Law 1947
Control of Borrowing (Jersey) Order 1958
Currency Notes (Jersey) Law 1959
Currency Offences (Jersey) Law 1952
Customs and Excise (Jersey) Law 1999
Community Customs (Wine and Spirits) (Jersey) Order 2000
Customs and Excise (Import and Export Control) (Jersey) Order 2006
Excise Duty (Relief and Drawback) (Jersey) Order 2000
Import and Export (Ports and Airport) (Jersey) Order 2000
Decimal Currency (Jersey) Law 1971
Legal Tender (Coins) (Jersey) Order 2017
Goods and Services Tax (Jersey) Law 2007
Goods and Services Tax (International Services Entities) (Jersey) Regulations 2008
Goods and Services Tax (Jersey) Regulations 2007
Housing Loans (Jersey) Law 1964
Income Tax (Jersey) Law 1961
Double Taxation Relief (Arrangement with the United Kingdom) (Jersey) Act 1952
Double Taxation Relief (Shipping and Air Transport Profits) (French Republic) (Jersey) Act 1964
Income Tax (Actuarial Equivalents) (Jersey) Order 2017
Income Tax (Deemed Dividends) (Jersey) Regulations 2007
Income Tax (Eligible Investment Schemes) (Application Fees) (Jersey) Order 2010
Income Tax (Jersey Occupational Pension Schemes) (Jersey) Order 2014
Income Tax (Minimum Retirement Capital) (Jersey) Order 2017
Income Tax (Prescribed Limit and Rate) (Jersey) Regulations 2013
Income Tax (Purchased Life Annuities) (Jersey) Order 1959
Loi (1835) sur la monnaie
Loi (1881) sur la conversion et l'amortissement de la dette publique
Loi (1923) au sujet des pensions du Governement Britannique (Fausses Déclarations)
Public Finances (Jersey) Law 2005
Public Finances (States Aided Independent Bodies) (Jersey) Order 2006
Public Finances (Transitional Arrangements) (Jersey) Order 2011
Public Finances (Transitional Provisions) (No. 1) (Jersey) Regulations 2005
Public Finances (Transitional Provisions) (No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations 2005
Public Finances (Transitional Provisions – States Trading Operations) (Jersey) Regulations 2005
Public Finances (Transitional Provisions – States Trading Operations No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations 2005
Public Utilities Undertakings (Guarantee on Loans) (Jersey) Law 1963
Rates (Jersey) Law 2005
Rates (Apportionment) (Jersey) Regulations 2006
Stamp Duties and Fees (Jersey) Law 1998
Taxation (Companies – Economic Substance) (Jersey) Law 2019
Taxation (Land Transactions) (Jersey) Law 2009
Taxation (Land Transactions) (LTT Statements and Receipts) (Jersey) Order 2009