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Administration of Justice (Interim Payments and Provisional Damages) (Jersey) Law 1993
Administrative Decisions (Review) (Jersey) Law 1982
Adoption (Jersey) Law 1961
Adoption Rules 1962
Advocates and Solicitors (Jersey) Law 1997
Advocates and Solicitors (Qualifying Examination) Rules 1997
Advocates (Specified Examinations and Assessments) Rules 2013
Aerodromes (Administration) (Jersey) Law 1952
Aerodromes (Jersey) Regulations 1965
Affidavits (Advocates and Solicitors) (Jersey) Law 1992
Affiliation Proceedings (Prescription) (Jersey) Law 1999
Age of Majority (Jersey) Law 1999
Agricultural Land (Control of Sales and Leases) (Jersey) Law 1974
Agricultural Land (Control of Sales and Leases) (Exempted Transactions) (Jersey) Regulations 1974
Agricultural Marketing (Jersey) Law 1953
Export of Agricultural Produce (Jersey) Order 1972
Export of Flowers (Jersey) Order 1972
Jersey Potato Export Marketing (Polls) (Jersey) Order 2002
Jersey Potato Export Marketing (Registration of Producers) (Jersey) Order 2001
Jersey Potato Export Marketing Scheme 2001 (Approval) (Jersey) Act 2001
Milk Marketing (Polls) (Jersey) Order 1954
Milk Marketing (Registration of Producers) (Jersey) Order 1954
Milk Marketing Scheme (Approval) (Jersey) Act 1954
Potatoes (Precautions against Blight) (Jersey) Order 1961
Agricultural Returns (Jersey) Law 1947
Agriculture (Guaranteed Prices and Financial Assistance) (Jersey) Law 1965
Basic Slag and Lime (Jersey) Scheme 1968
Control of Infestation (Potato Root Eelworm) (Jersey) Scheme 1968
Agriculture (Loans and Guarantees) (Jersey) Law 1974
Agriculture (Loans) (Jersey) Regulations 1974
Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Jersey) Law 2015
Air and Sea Ports Incorporation (Transfer) (Jersey) Regulations 2015
Air and Sea Ports (Incorporation) (Transfer No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations 2017
Air Navigation Acts (Extension to the Channel Islands) Order 1939
Air Navigation (Jersey) Law 2014
Air Navigation (Fees) (Jersey) Order 2015
Air Navigation (Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents on Jersey Registered Aircraft) (Jersey) Regulations 2015
Air Navigation (Rules of the Air) (Jersey) Regulations 2017
Aircraft Registration (Jersey) Law 2014
Aircraft Registration (Births, Deaths and Missing Persons) (Jersey) Regulations 2015
Aircraft Registration (Fees) (Jersey) Order 2015
Aircraft Registration (Nationality and Registration Marks) (Jersey) Order 2015
Airports Act 1986 (Jersey) Order 2000
Amendes en vertu des Règlements triennaux
Anatomy and Human Tissue (Jersey) Law 1984
Animal Health (Jersey) Law 2016
Animal Health (African Horse Sickness) (Jersey) Order 2017
Animal Health (Animal By-Products) (Jersey) Order 2018
Animal Health (Bird Diseases) (Jersey) Order 2017
Animal Health (Foot and Mouth Disease) (Jersey) Order 2017