Unofficial Consolidated Laws Added

A new section containing Unofficial Consolidated Laws has now been added to the website.

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The new section contains unofficial consolidated draft legislation incorporating enactments which have come into force after 1st January 2017.   It includes both legislation in force on 1st January 2017 which has been amended by later legislation and new legislation in force after that date.   Drafts will be added to this section as they are prepared before the publication of the next Revised Edition.  The drafts are for guidance purposes only and have no legal value.  Their publication by Jersey Legal Information Board is not to be taken as being authoritative and the Board assumes no liability for their content.  Users must always check the current Revised Edition and As Enacted sections for legislation that is currently in force including any legislation that has not yet been incorporated into the Consolidated Laws section.



Page Last Updated: 17 Jul 2017