Discontinuance of Criminal Proceedings
Taxation of Costs – Factor ‘A’ Rates per Hour
Affidavits for use in Proceedings before the Royal Court and the Master or other applications made to the Bailiff, the Master or the Judicial Greffier
Children in Royal Court Criminal Proceedings
Applications Under Article 5(5) Of The Sex Offenders (Jersey) Law, 2010 (“The Law”)
Magistrate's Court Criminal Procedure
Magistrate's Court Procedure - Bail
Registrations in the Public Registry when an Attorney has used their power to transact under a Lasting Power of Attorney
Registration of Foreign Powers of Attorney Enduring Powers of Attorney Lasting Powers of Attorney and Acts of Court
Making and Executing Wills where P is under a delegation
Witnessing Requirements where a Donor cannot sign their LPA and how to make a change to or end an existing LPA
Applications for a Creditors' Winding Up & Procedure for Creditors' Winding Up Searches
Change of Legal Representative/Party Acting in Person
Miscellaneous provisions in relation to family practice
Evidence and Submissions
Registration of hereditary contracts in the Public Registry
Applications for a Dégrèvement
Confirmation of Value of Contents contained within Hereditary Contracts
New Plea and Directions Hearing Form in Criminal Cases
Production and Content of Electronic Bundles for hearings in The Royal Court
Practice Direction - RC-20-12 - Freezing Order & Injunctions
Practice Direction - RC-20-11- Access to Court Files in Civil Proceedings
Practice Direction - RC-20-10 -Guide for interlocutory hearings before the Master of the Royal Court or the Judicial Greffier
Production and content of bundles for use in the Family Court (Registrars)
Applications for an Acte Vicomte chargé d’écrire (“AVCD”) pursuant to Rule 11/1 of the Royal Court Rules 2004.
Practice Direction for Service of Process
Guide for the cancellation of Judicial Hypothecs under Article 16 of the Loi (1880) sur la propriété foncière
Tenancy Disputes - In the Royal Court and Petty Debts Court of Jersey
Guide for the attestation of documents for Probate and the execution of wills under the Covid
Practice Direction - RC 19-02-Prevention of Identification of Children in Public Law Cases
Practice Direction - FD 19/01 - Care and Supervision Proceedings – Case Management
Practice Direction - RC 18/02 - Production and Content of Bundles For Use In The Royal Court
Practice Direction - RC 18-01 - Judicial Hypothecs
Practice Direction - PD 18/01 - Petty Debts Court claims
Practice Direction - RC 17/12 - Applications for a Remise de Biens
Practice Direction - RC 17/03 - Applications for Summary Judgment
Practice Direction - RC 17/04 - Requests for Information
Practice Direction - RC 17/05 - Directions Hearings
Practice Direction - RC 17/06 - Budgets
Practice Direction - RC 17/07 - Discovery
Practice Direction - RC 17/08 - Discovery of Documents held in Electronic Form
Practice Direction - RC 17/09 - Expert Evidence
Practice Direction - RC 17/10 Offers to Settle
Practice Direction - RC 17/11 - Summary Assessment of Costs
Practice Direction - RC 17/01 - Pre Action Communications
Practice Direction - RC 17/02 - Placing Case on the Pending List and Adjournments by Consent Prior to Pleadings
Practice Direction - RC 15/06 - Royal Court Applications under Article 5(5) of the Sex Offenders (Jersey) Law 2010
Practice Direction - RC 15/01 - Service out of jurisdiction - contents of affidavits on application
Practice Direction - RC 15/03 - Taxation of costs in civil proceedings by summary assessment in interlocutory proceedings
Practice Direction - RC 15/05 - Search orders