Latest judgments

  1. 1st March 2024

    Nicola Erickson v Citicabs Limited
    Tribunal | Payment of notice pay, Holiday pay, Payment of wages, Wage slips, Counter claim, Minimum rest periods

  2. 1st March 2024

    Steven Thornally v Jubilee Scaffolding Limited
    Tribunal | Appeals hearings

  3. 1st March 2024

    Jennifer Mitchem-Bailey v States Employment Board (1) Catherine Madden(2) Nicholas Falle(3)
    Tribunal | Appeals hearings

  4. 1st March 2024

    Steffan Hogan v Mac Energy Limited
    Tribunal | Contract of employment, Deductions from wages, Discrimination, Unfair dismissal, Wage slips

  5. 1st March 2024

    Hyacinth Downer v LV Care Group Limited(1) Tracey Gentry(2) Alexandra Granger(3)
    Tribunal | Appeals hearings

  6. 1st March 2024

    Roan Doyle v The Government Of Jersey & Home Affairs Department(1) Chief Of Police(2)

  7. 1st March 2024

    Representation of Wentworth Resources 23-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Companies | Hearing (Civil)

  8. 1st March 2024

    Canavan v AG 23-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Appeal (Criminal)

  9. 29th February 2024

    AG v Bisson and Bisson 08-Dec-2023
    Royal Court | Sentencing (Criminal)

  10. 23rd February 2024

    AG v Q 23-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Hearing (Criminal)

  11. 22nd February 2024

    Trevor Jones v Bellpumps And Pollution Control Limited
    Tribunal | Unfair dismissal, Wrongful dismissal

  12. 22nd February 2024

    Gary John Benton v La Trape Proprietes (Divers) A.R.L.
    Tribunal | Wage slips, Written statement of terms

  13. 22nd February 2024

    Neil Le Boustouler v Jersey Deep Freeze Ltd
    Tribunal | Constructive unfair dismissal

  14. 22nd February 2024

    AG v Y 24-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Hearing (Criminal)

  15. 21st February 2024

    Representation of VG Trustee Limited re the B Trust 18-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Trust | Hearing (Civil)

  16. 21st February 2024

    AG v Y 24-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Hearing (Criminal)

  17. 20th February 2024

    JTC (Jersey) Limited and Anor v Jersey Competent Authority 19-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Judicial Review | Hearing (Civil)

  18. 19th February 2024

    AG v Metcalf 11-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Sentencing (Criminal)

  19. 14th February 2024

    Representation of Ferguson and Anor re AMWS Limited 14-Dec-2023
    Royal Court | Companies | Hearing (Civil)

  20. 14th February 2024

    Representation of Craigmonie Hotel Limited 12-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Trust | Hearing (Civil)

  21. 12th February 2024

    AG v Vladimirov and Kuzmins 15-Dec-2023
    Royal Court | Sentencing (Criminal)

  22. 8th February 2024

    AG v Valentine 15-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Sentencing (Criminal)

  23. 8th February 2024

    AG v Le Guillou 15-Jan-2024
    Royal Court | Sentencing (Criminal)

  24. 6th February 2024

    Busy Bees Holdings Limited v McLachlan and McLachlan 01 Feb -2024
    Court of Appeal | Companies | Appeal (Civil)

  25. 6th February 2024

    J and BB v The Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police Force 22-Nov-2023
    Royal Court | Striking out | Hearing (Civil)

  26. 5th February 2024

    C v Minister For Children And Education
    Tribunal | Discrimination

  27. 5th February 2024

    Myles Flint v Mj Hudson Services (Jersey) Limited (In Liquidation)
    Tribunal | Payment of wages, Holiday pay, Notice periods, Redundancy

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Companies (Jersey) Law 1991 (Jersey) Law 1991
Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 (Jersey) Law 1984
Proceeds of Crime (Supervisory Bodies) (Jersey) Law 2008 of Crime (Supervisory Bodies) (Jersey) Law 2008
Stamp Duties and Fees (Jersey) Law 1998 Duties and Fees (Jersey) Law 1998
Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 Protection (Jersey) Law 2018
Employment (Jersey) Law 2003 (Jersey) Law 2003
Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998 Services (Jersey) Law 1998
Income Tax (Jersey) Law 1961 Tax (Jersey) Law 1961
Proceeds of Crime (Jersey) Law 1999 of Crime (Jersey) Law 1999
Money Laundering (Jersey) Order 2008 Laundering (Jersey) Order 2008

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