Practice Direction - RC 17/03 - Applications for Summary Judgment





Applications for Summary Judgment



  1. This Practice Direction concerns applications for summary judgment under Rule 7 of the Royal Court Rules 2004, as amended. 


  1. Where an application relies on a point of law, the application shall identify concisely the point of law relied upon.


  1. If the application relates to a particular issue, it must identify the issue where it is said that the other party has no real prospect of succeeding on or defending the issue as the case may be.


  1. Where an application relies upon documentary evidence, such evidence must either be identified in the summons itself or in the affidavit evidence filed in support. 


  1. The submissions or evidence filed in support of any such application must also set out why the applicant believes there is no real prospect of the other party succeeding on the claim or issue or successfully defending the claim or issue.


  1. Where the application seeks permanent injunctive relief or specific performance such an application must be made to the Royal Court.


This Practice Direction shall come into force on 1st June 2017. 

Page Last Updated: 07 Apr 2017