Piercing and Tattooing (Fees) (Jersey) Order 2015

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Piercing and Tattooing (Fees) (Jersey) Order 2015

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Piercing and Tattooing (Fees) (Jersey) Order 2015

THE MINISTER FOR HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES, in pursuance of Articles 3 and 12 of the Piercing and Tattooing (Jersey) Law 2002, orders as follows –

Commencement [see endnotes]

1        Fee for registration

The fee to accompany an application for registration, or for renewal of registration, under Article 2 of the Piercing and Tattooing (Jersey) Law 2002 is –

(a)     in relation to registration of a person, £55;

(b)     in relation to registration of premises, £100.

2        Citation

This Order may be cited as the Piercing and Tattooing (Fees) (Jersey) Order 2015.





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Piercing and Tattooing (Fees) (Jersey) Order 2015


27 November 2015

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