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Immigration (Hotel Records) (Jersey) Order 1999

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Immigration (Hotel Records) (Jersey) Order 1999[1]

THE HOME AFFAIRS COMMITTEE, in pursuance of section 4(4) of the Immigration Act 1971 of the United Kingdom, as extended to Jersey by the Immigration (Jersey) Order 1993, orders as follows

Commencement [see endnotes]

1        Interpretation

(1)     In this Order –

“certificate of registration” means a certificate issued, or treated as issued, in pursuance of regulations from time to time in force under subsection of section 4(3) of the Immigration Act 1971 of the United Kingdom;

“EEA national” means a national of a state to which the Agreement on the European Economic Area signed at Oporto on 2nd May 1992, together with the Protocol adjusting that Agreement signed at Brussels on 17th March 1993, applies;

“keeper”, in relation to any premises, includes any person who for reward receives any other person to stay in the premises, whether on his or her own behalf or as manager or otherwise on behalf of any other person;

“nationality” includes the status of a person who is stateless;

“stay” means lodge or sleep, for one night or more, in accommodation provided for reward.

(2)     Any information required by this Order to be given by or to any person may be given by or to any other person acting on the person’s behalf.

(3)     References in this Order to an enactment, including an enactment of the United Kingdom, are references to that enactment as in force for the time being in Jersey or, as the case may be, in the United Kingdom.

2        Application of Order

This Order shall apply in the case of any hotel or other premises, whether furnished or unfurnished, where lodging or sleeping accommodation is provided for reward, not being premises occupied for the purposes of a school, hospital, club or other institution or association.

3        Provision of information by visitors

(1)     Every person of or over 16 years of age who stays at any premises to which this Order applies shall, on arriving at the premises, inform the keeper of the premises of the person’s full name and nationality.

(2)     Every such person who is not an EEA national shall also inform the keeper of the premises –

(a)     on arriving at the premises, of the number and place of issue of the person’s passport, certificate of registration or other document establishing the person’s identity and nationality;

(b)     on arriving at the premises, of the full address at which the person ordinarily resides; and

(c)     on or before the person’s departure from the premises, of the person’s next destination and, if it is known to the person, the person’s full address there.

4        Records to be maintained by keeper of premises[2]

The keeper of any premises to which this Order applies shall –

(a)     require all persons of or over 16 years of age who stay at the premises to comply with their obligations under Article 3; and

(b)     keep for a period of at least 12 months a record in writing of the date of arrival of every such person and of all the information given to him or her by any such person in pursuance of Article 3,

and every record shall at all times be open to inspection by any police officer or immigration officer or by any other person authorized by the Minister for Justice and Home Affairs.

5        Citation

This Order may be cited as the Immigration (Hotel Records) (Jersey) Order 1999.



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Immigration (Hotel Records) (Jersey) Order 1999


8 February 1999

States of Jersey (Amendments and Construction Provisions No. 7) (Jersey) Regulations 2005


9 December 2005

States of Jersey (Transfer of Justice Functions – Chief Minister to Justice and Home Affairs) Order 2023


21 September 2023

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Table of Endnote References

[1]                                     This Order has been amended by the States of Jersey (Amendments and Construction Provisions No. 7) (Jersey) Regulations 2005. The amendments replace all references to a Committee of the States of Jersey with a reference to a Minister of the States of Jersey, and remove and add defined terms appropriately, consequentially upon the move from a committee system of government to a ministerial system of government

[2] Article 4                      amended by R&O.76/2023

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