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Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) (Jersey) Law 1953

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Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) (Jersey) Law 1953

A LAW to enable the States to make Regulations for facilitating international circulation of motor vehicles

Commencement [see endnotes]

1        Regulations for facilitating international traffic

(1)     For the purpose of enabling effect to be given to any international agreement for the time being in force in respect of Jersey, the States may make Regulations providing –

(a)     for the grant and authentication of any passes, certificates or other documents relating to vehicles or the drivers of vehicles which may be required for purposes of travel abroad by persons resident in Jersey;

(b)     for modifying in relation to vehicles brought temporarily into Jersey by persons resident outside Jersey, and in relation to persons so resident who are temporarily in Jersey, any enactment relating to vehicles or the drivers of vehicles.

(2)     Regulations under this Article may provide –

(a)     for modifying any such enactment as aforesaid in respect of matters appearing to the States to be incidental to or connected with the matters regulated by any such international agreement;

(b)     for extending any privilege conferred by the Regulations to persons resident outside Jersey who are temporarily in Jersey but are not entitled thereto by virtue of any such international agreement, or in relation to vehicles brought temporarily into Jersey by such persons, being persons or vehicles satisfying such conditions as may be specified by or under the Regulations;

(c)     for the payment in respect of any such documents as are mentioned in paragraph (1)(a) of such fees as appear to the States to be appropriate having regard to any services performed in connection therewith in pursuance of the Regulations.

(3)     Regulations under this Article may be amended by subsequent Regulations and shall remain in force until repealed.

(4)     In this Article, “vehicle” means any mechanically propelled vehicle intended or adapted for use on roads and any vehicle drawn by such a vehicle.

2        Citation

This Law may be cited as the Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) (Jersey) Law 1953.



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Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) (Jersey) Law 1953  


1 April 1958 (R&O.3881)

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