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Road Traffic (Motor Cycle Helmets) (Jersey) Order 2004

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Road Traffic (Motor Cycle Helmets) (Jersey) Order 2004[1]

THE HOME AFFAIRS COMMITTEE, in pursuance of Articles 45 and 84 of the Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956, orders as follows –

Commencement [see endnotes]

1        Protective helmet to be worn[2]

Subject to Article 1A, a person driving or riding on a motor cycle (otherwise than in a side-car) on a road must wear a protective helmet that –

(a)     complies with a standard set out in the Schedule to the Consumer Safety (Motor Cycle Helmets) (Jersey) Order 2006; and

(b)     is securely fastened to the person’s head by any fastening provided on the helmet for the purpose.

1A     Exemption[3]

The requirement under Article 1 to wear a protective helmet does not apply to a person who, being a follower of the Sikh religion, is wearing a turban.

2        Citation

This Order may be cited as the Road Traffic (Motor Cycle Helmets) (Jersey) Order 2004.[4]




Table of Legislation History


Year and No


Road Traffic (Protective Helmets) (Jersey) Order 2004


7 May 2004

Road Traffic (Protective Helmets) (Amendment) (Jersey) Order 2014


1 September 2014

Road Traffic (Motor Cycle Helmets) (Amendment No. 2) (Jersey) Order 2021


11 October 2021

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Table of Endnote References

[1]                                     renamed by R&O.137/2014

[2] Article 1                      amended by R&O.137/2014, R&O.122/2021

[3] Article 1A                    inserted by R&O.122/2021

[4] Article 2                      amended by R&O.137/2014

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