Connétables (Jersey) Law 2008

Connétables (Jersey) Law 2008

A LAW to make provision as to the terms of office of the Connétables of the 12 Parishes of Jersey and arrangements for their election, and for connected purposes

Adopted by the States                                             17th January 2008

Sanctioned by Order of Her Majesty in Council       12th March 2008

Registered by the Royal Court                                  28th March 2008

THE STATES, subject to the sanction of Her Most Excellent Majesty in Council, have adopted the following Law –

1        Term of office of Connétables

(1)     Connétables shall be elected for a term of 3 years.

(2)     Notwithstanding the term of office stated for Connétables in paragraph (1), a Connétable shall retire on his or her place being filled by an ordinary election.

(3)     Where a Connétable resigns before the expiry of his or her term of office, he or she shall continue in office until his or her place is filled by an election ordered under Article 3(2) or, by virtue of Article 3(3), an ordinary election.

(4)     The place of a Connétable is filled upon the person elected to fill the place taking the oath of the office.

2        Ordinary elections for Connétables

An ordinary election for Connétables shall be held in the period of 7 days beginning on 15th October in every third year.

3        Casual vacancy in office of Connétable

(1)     This Article applies where a casual vacancy occurs in the office of Connétable, being a vacancy occurring otherwise than upon retirement of the officeholder under Article 1.

(2)     Subject to paragraph (3), the Royal Court shall, on being informed of the vacancy, make an order under the Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002[1] for an election to fill the vacancy to be held as soon as is convenient.

(3)     Where the vacancy occurs after the 15th August immediately preceding an ordinary election for Connétables –

(a)     the Royal Court shall not order an election to fill the vacancy; and

(b)     the vacancy shall be filled by that ordinary election.

(4)     The States may by Regulations amend the date in paragraph (3).

4        Term of office of person filling casual vacancy

A person elected to fill a casual vacancy in the office of Connétable shall hold office until the day on which the person in whose place he or she is elected would have retired under Article 1, and shall then retire.

5        Code of 1771[2] amended

(1)     The second paragraph following the heading “CONNETABLE” shall be deleted.

(2)     After the heading “REGITRES” and the paragraphs following it there shall be inserted the following heading and paragraph –



Les Vingteniers ne continueront point en la charge plus de trois ans, à moins qu’ils n’y soient élus de nouveau, et qu’ils consentent de l’exercer.”.

6        Police Force (Jersey) Law 1974 amended

At the beginning of Article 4(2) of the Police Force (Jersey) Law 1974[3] there shall be inserted the words “Except as provided in the Centeniers (Terms of Office) (Jersey) Law 2007[4] and the Connétables (Jersey) Law 2008,”.

7        Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002 amended

In the Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002[5] –

(a)     in Article 17(1) of after the words “States of Jersey Law 2005” there shall be inserted the words “or under Article 2 or 3 of the Connétables (Jersey) Law 2008,”;

(b)     Article 18 shall be renumbered as paragraph (1) of that Article;

(c)     after paragraph (1) of Article 18 there shall be added the following paragraph –

“(2)    Where, in a year, there is to be both an ordinary election for Senators, pursuant to Article 5(1) of the States of Jersey Law 2005[6] and an ordinary election for Connétables, pursuant to Article 2 of the Connétables (Jersey) Law 2008, a person may be admitted either as a candidate for election as a Connétable or as a candidate for election as a Senator, but not both.”.

8        Transitional arrangements

(1)     Except as provided in this Article, the terms of office of the Connétables who are in office on the day this Law comes into force, and of any person who fills a casual vacancy in such an office, are unaffected by this Law.

(2)     The first ordinary election for Connétables shall be held in 2008.

(3)     The following Connétables shall retire upon their places being filled by the first ordinary election –

(a)     every Connétable whose term of office expires in 2008;

(b)     every other Connétable who has delivered notice in accordance with paragraph (4).

(4)     A Connétable may, on or before 15th August 2008, deliver to the Attorney General notice, in writing, of his or her resignation, for the purpose of his or her place being filled by the first ordinary election.

(5)     A notice delivered under paragraph (4) cannot be withdrawn.

(6)     Where a Connétable who has delivered notice in accordance with paragraph (4) subsequently ceases, for any reason, to hold office and, before the first ordinary election, a person is elected to fill the casual vacancy in the office, that person shall be bound by the notice delivered by his or her predecessor.

(7)     Notwithstanding Article 1(1), upon the expiry of the term of office of any Connétable whose place is not filled by the first ordinary election, the person elected to fill the place shall be elected for a term expiring upon his or her place being filled at the ordinary election for Connétables in 2011.

(8)     The States may, by Regulations, make further transitional arrangements in connection with the commencement of this Law.

9        Citation

(1)     This Law may be cited as the Connétables (Jersey) Law 2008.

(2)     Subject to paragraph (3), this Law shall come into force on the day that it is registered.

(3)     In the event that this Law is not registered on or before 8th August 2008 –

(a)     this Law shall come into force on such day or days as the States by Act appoint; and

(b)     the States may, by Regulations, amend Article 8(1) to (7).

a.h. harris

Deputy Greffier of the States



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