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Sea Fisheries (Licensing of Fishing Boats) (Amendment No. 7) (Jersey) Regulations 2020

Made                                                                                                   11th March 2020

Coming into force                                                                           18th March 2020

THE STATES make these Regulations under Articles 7, 12, 13 and 29 of the Sea Fisheries (Jersey) Law 1994[1] –

1        Regulation 5 (exception) of the Sea Fisheries (Licensing of Fishing Boats) (Jersey) Regulations 2003 amended

For Regulation 5(a) of the Sea Fisheries (Licensing of Fishing Boats) (Jersey) Regulations 2003[2] there is substituted –

“(a)    fishing by a boat –

(i)      when the fishing is only for the purpose of recreation, and

(ii)      the persons undertaking the recreational fishing on that boat are not charged a fee to use the boat for that purpose; or”.

2        Citation and commencement

These Regulations may be cited as the Sea Fisheries (Licensing of Fishing Boats) (Amendment No. 7) (Jersey) Regulations 2020 and come into force 7 days after the day they are made.

l.-m. hart

Deputy Greffier of the States


[1]                                     chapter 14.825

[2]                                     chapter 14.825.56

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