Motor Vehicle Registration (General Provisions) (Amendment No. 18) (Jersey) Order 2010

Made                                                                            30th July 2010

Coming into force                                                  1st September 2010

THE MINISTER FOR TRANSPORT AND TECHNICAL SERVICES, in pursuance of Articles 4, 7, and 16 of the Motor Vehicle Registration (Jersey) Law 1993[1], orders as follows –

1        Interpretation

In this Order “principal Order” means the Motor Vehicle Registration (General Provisions) (Jersey) Order 1993[2].

2        Article 1 amended

In Article 1 of the principal Order after the definition “Law” there shall be inserted the following definition –

“ ‘LPV’ means a light passenger vehicle, being a motor vehicle designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers and comprising no more than 8 seats in addition to the driver’s seat;”.

3        Article 5 amended

In Article 5 of the principal Order after paragraph (b)(iii) there shall be added the following sub-paragraphs –

“(iv)   the owner’s Jersey driving licence, if the owner is an individual, and

(v)     evidence satisfactory to the Inspector of the ownership of the vehicle.”.

4        Schedule 1 amended

In Schedule 1 to the principal Order after item 23 there shall be added the following item –

“24.    CO2 emission rate (LPVs only)”.

5        Schedule 2 amended

In Schedule 2 to the principal Order –

(a)     after paragraph 5 there shall be inserted the following paragraph –

“5A.   Where an application is made under the Law for the registration of any motor vehicle, the Inspector shall, before registering the vehicle, require to be discharged any liability for any outstanding duty or tax payable in respect of the vehicle –

(a)     under the Customs and Excise (Jersey) Law 1999[3];

(b)     under the Goods and Services Tax (Jersey) Law 2007[4]; or

(c)     which is otherwise payable to Agent of the Impôts.”;

(b)     in paragraph 6(1) the words “ownership and” shall be deleted.

6        Schedule 3 substituted

For Schedule 3 to the principal Order there shall be substituted the Schedule set out in the Schedule to this Order.

7        Citation and commencement

This Order may be cited as the Motor Vehicle Registration (General Provisions) (Amendment No. 18) (Jersey) Order 2010 and shall come into force on 1st September 2010.

connétable m.k. jackson of st. brelade

Minister for Transport and Technical Services



(Article 6)

substitution of schedule 3


(Article 5)


Application form


Application Form - continued



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