This is a translation of the

Loi (1885) touchant l’Administration des Marchés Publics

(Chapter 05.525)

as in force on 1 January 2019


This is not an authoritative translation of the Law. Whilst it is believed to be correct, no warranty is given that it is free of errors or omissions or that it is an accurate translation of the French text. Accordingly, no liability is accepted for any loss arising from its use.


Law (1885) regarding the administration of the public markets


A LAW regarding the administration and management of the Public Markets

THE STATES have decided to repeal the Regulations presently governing the Public Markets of this Island, with the exception of the Order in Council of 10th March 1802, and to substitute therefor the following Articles to have force of Law, subject to the sanction of her Most Excellent Majesty in Council –


The management, administration and policing of the Markets are under the jurisdiction of the States, and shall be undertaken in accordance with the orders and under the directions of this Assembly, by the Minister for Infrastructure.


The States or the Minister for Infrastructure, under delegation from the States, shall name one or more Inspectors whose duty it shall be to secure the observance of Regulations which may from time to time be enacted for the benefit of the said Markets and this under the direction of the said Minister. The Centeniers of the Parish of St Helier shall likewise be charged with overseeing and maintaining law and order within the said Markets.


The States may enact Regulations for the good order, policing and upkeep of the Markets, and may, as in the past, lease shops, stalls and sites within the Markets, in order to meet the costs involved in the administration and upkeep of the Markets.

The States are similarly authorized to enact Regulations for the management and maintenance of the Public Abattoirs, as well as for regulating the sale of butchers’ meat, whether in the Markets or elsewhere.

Regulations made under this Article shall remain in force until repealed or amended.


Fines imposed under Regulations made from time to time pursuant to Article 3 shall be applied for the benefit of Her Majesty.


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