Autres Temps . . .

Gregory Stevens Cox’s Social Life in Georgian Guernsey reports how Pierre Falla, a jurat 1777–99, regularly would visit the Guernsey Lily public house on his way to court, saying to the landlady “Pas trop d’eau Mrs Deakin, m’en vais au cour” [“Not too much water Mrs Deakin, I’m on my way to court”]. Once—

“On a hot summer day during a long trial Falla was overtaken by slumber. When he awoke and was asked for his verdict he exclaimed ‘qu’on le pende’ [Hang him!]. The chief magistrate exclaimed, ‘mais Mons Falla, il s’agit d’un pré’ [but Mons Falla, it’s about a meadow!]. ‘Eh bien, qu’on le fauche, qu’on le fauche’ [well mow it, mow it].”[1]



[1] G Stevens Cox, Social Life in Georgian Guernsey (Toucan Press, Guernsey, 2014) at 18. Reproduced with the author’s kind permission.

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