[22nd June 1664] Confession of John Baldock, made before Go. Sands and 4 others, that three years since he served in the John privateer, under Capt. Jno Shapman, of East Cowes, Isle of Wight, and putting into Guernsey with some prizes, he went on shore with Wm Gibson; after drinking very hard, they met an English soldier, whom Gibson stabbed and the deponent consented by washing his hands in the blood; and after they robbed him of 3s 6d they threw him into a ditch. Has lost sight of Gibson, who lives at Fowey; but is so haunted or troubled with the ghost or appearance of the soldier, that he can get no rest until he has publicly confessed.

Calendar of State Papers Domestic 1654 (London, 1881), p 218.


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