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Public Health (Vessels and Aircraft) (Jersey) Law 1950

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Public Health (Vessels and Aircraft) (Jersey) Law 1950[1]

A LAW to make provision for preventing danger to public health in connection with the arrival and departure of vessels and aircraft

Commencement [see endnotes]

1        Definitions[2]

In this Law –

“Minister” means the Minister for Health and Social Services;

“territorial sea” means the territorial sea adjacent to Jersey;

“vessel” includes any ship or boat, or any other description of vessel used in navigation.

2        Power of Minister to make Orders

(1)     Subject to the provisions of this Law, the Minister may, as respects the whole or any part of Jersey, including the territorial sea thereof, make provision by Order –

(a)     for preventing danger to public health from vessels or aircraft arriving in Jersey; and

(b)     for preventing the spread of infection by means of any vessel or aircraft leaving Jersey, so far as may be necessary or expedient for the purpose of carrying out any treaty, convention, arrangement or engagement with any other country,

and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, may by any such Order apply, with or without modifications, to any disease to which the Order relates, any enactment relating to the notification of disease or to notifiable diseases.

(1A)   Before making any order under paragraph (1), the Minister shall consult with the Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture.[3]

(2)     Any Order made under this Article may provide for –

(a)     the signals to be displayed by vessels or aircraft having on board any case of epidemic, endemic or infectious disease;

(b)     the questions to be answered by masters, pilots and other persons on board any vessel or aircraft as to cases of such disease on board during the voyage or on arrival;

(c)     the duties to be performed in cases of such diseases by masters, pilots and other persons on board vessels or aircraft;

(d)     the recovery of monetary penalties in respect of any contravention of or failure to comply with any provisions of the Order, so, however, that such penalties shall not exceed those specified in Article 4;

(e)     the detention of vessels or aircraft or of persons on board them,

and may authorize the making of charges and provide for the recovery of such charges and of any expenses incurred in disinfection.

(3)     [4]

(4)     [5]

3        Power of entry

The Medical Officer of Health, and any person generally or specially authorized in writing in that behalf by the Minister, subject to the production by the Medical Officer of Health or authorized person if so required of evidence of the Medical Officer’s or authorized person’s authority, shall have power to enter any premises, vessel or aircraft for the purpose of executing, or superintending the execution of, any Orders made under this Law.

4        Offences

Any person who wilfully neglects or refuses to obey or carry out, or obstructs the execution of, the provisions of any Order made under this Law shall, in a case where no provision is made by the Order for the person’s punishment, be liable to a fine of level 3 on the standard scale and, in the case of a continuing offence, to a further fine of level 2 on the standard scale for every day on which the offence continues after conviction:

Provided that the court may, in lieu of or in addition to imposing a monetary penalty, impose a sentence of imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months.[6]

5        [7]

6        Citation

This Law may be cited as the Public Health (Vessels and Aircraft) (Jersey) Law 1950.



Table of Legislation History


Year and No


Public Health (Vessels and Aircraft) (Jersey) Law 1950


13 May 1950

Territorial Sea (Consequential Provisions) (Jersey) Law 1994


31 March 1997 (R&O.9063)

Subordinate Legislation (Amendment No. 2) (Jersey) Law 2001


23 February 2001

States of Jersey (Amendments and Construction Provisions No. 5) (Jersey) Regulations 2005


9 December 2005

Public Finances (Consequential Amendments) (Jersey) Regulations 2005


9 December 2005

States of Jersey (Transfer of Functions No. 8) (Miscellaneous Transfers) (Jersey) Regulations 2015


1 January 2016

Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Jersey) Law 2016


20 September 2016


Legislation (Jersey) Law 2021



28 September 2021

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Table of Endnote References

[1]                                     This Law has been amended by the States of Jersey (Amendments and Construction Provisions No. 5) (Jersey) Regulations 2005. The amendments replace all references to a Committee of the States of Jersey with a reference to a Minister of the States of Jersey, and remove and add defined terms appropriately, consequentially upon the move from a committee system of government to a ministerial system of government

[2] Article 1                      amended by L.20/1994

[3] Article 2(1A)                amended by R&O.158/2015

[4] Article 2(3)                  amended by L.2/2001, deleted by L.8/2021

[5] Article 2(4)                  deleted by L.8/2021

[6] Article 4                      amended by L.1/2016

[7] Article 5                      repealed by R&O.126/2005

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