This is a translation of the

Loi (1836) sur la bibliothèque publique (Chapter 10.200)

as in force on 1 January 2019


This is not an authoritative translation of the Law. Whilst it is believed to be correct, no warranty is given that it is free of errors or omissions or that it is an accurate translation of the French text. Accordingly, no liability is accepted for any loss arising from its use.


Law (1836) on the public library


Regulation confirmed by Order of His Majesty in Council

CONSIDERING that it is necessary to effect changes to the Regulation governing the Public Library, and that there would be great inconvenience in having, every time some modifications thereto are needed, to address a request to His Majesty for confirmation in the form of a Law, which hinders the introduction of changes on a trial basis:  the States have resolved to seek the sanction of His Most Excellent Majesty in Council to permit the States to introduce such changes to the Regulation governing the Library as they shall judge necessary.

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