This is a translation of the

Loi (1824) concernant l'entérinement d'Ordres du Conseil entre parties

(Chapter 15.480)

as in force on 1 January 2019


This is not an authoritative translation of the Law. Whilst it is believed to be correct, no warranty is given that it is free of errors or omissions or that it is an accurate translation of the French text. Accordingly, no liability is accepted for any loss arising from its use.


Law (1824) concerning the registration[1] of Orders in Council inter partes



THE STATES taking into consideration the obstacles placed in practice, and the delays occurring before the Royal Court of this Island in the registration of an Order in Council of His Most Excellent Majesty in Council dated 22nd June 1822, which confirmed a Judgment of the Royal Court of this Island of the 25th day of May 1819, which ruled that Jean Nicolle was duly elected Connétable of the Parish of St John, and that he must be sworn to the said office; Considering further that all the efforts of the said Jean Nicolle to obtain the registration of the said Order of His Majesty in Council in the Rolls of the Royal Court have long-while been fruitless; that it was not registered, and did not take effect before the 15th day of October 1822; that the Royal Court then assembled as the Full Court, interposing its authority, caused the said Order to be executed by swearing in the said Jean Nicolle to the said office and directed that the said Order be registered in the Rolls of the said Royal Court; that in consequence of these obstacles and delays the Parish of St John was not duly represented in this Assembly from the arrival of the said Order of His Majesty in Council in this jurisdiction up until the said 15th day of October 1822:  With a view to avoiding like difficulties, and to prevent such an abuse in the future by giving immediate effect to Orders sent on behalf of His Majesty in Council, obtained between civil litigants,[2] the States humbly request His Most Excellent Majesty to grant His Royal Assent to the following Article, which was lodged au Greffe on the 14th day of October 1822, the said Order not yet having been put into effect –


Any Order issuing from His Majesty in Council, between civil litigants,[3] shall in future be registered in the Rolls of the Royal Court in term or in vacation, at the request of the party in whose favour the Order is made,[4] on having summonsed the opposing party, whether or not the latter appears before the Court in answer to the summons, without need of notice of the request on the public list[5] of cases pending before the Court.



[1] by the Royal Court

[2] obtenus entre partie et partie

[3] entre partie et partie

[4] la partie qui en sera porteur

[5] la Table



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