About JLIB


The Jersey Legal Information Board supports and participates in the free access to law movement.

The Vision

For Jersey’s legal system to be, and be recognised as, the global best for a small jurisdiction.

The Strategy

The Jersey Legal Information Board (JLIB) has created a strategy setting the direction of Jersey's Legal Information Systems for the next five years. In order to achieve its vision, the approach of the Board is a progressive and forward-looking one, exploiting emerging technologies. However, the Board will be sensitive to the way in which Jersey's legal processes have developed in the light of the Island's unique historical and social status.

Elements of the Strategy:

· To make the law and legal processes more accessible

· To promote the better co-ordination of Jersey’s justice system

· To support Jersey's position as a leading business centre


JLIB Board Members

The Board was formed in August 1998 to create a vision and set the direction for Jersey's Legal Information Systems. Membership of the Board comprises:

The Bailiff, William Bailhache
Chairman of the Jersey Legal Information Board
The Bailiff is the Chief Justice and President of the Royal Court, President of the Court of Appeal and Speaker of the States of Jersey. He is the Civic Head of the Island.

Neville Benbow
Representative, Law Society of Jersey

Advocate Barbara Corbett
Representative, Law Society of Jersey

Mark Egan
Greffier of the States

Sue du Feu
Programme Director, Jersey Legal Information Board

James Lambert
Director of Services, Judicial Greffe

Timothy Le Cocq 
Deputy Bailiff

Robert MacCrae

Attorney General

Adam Clarke

Judicial Greffier and responsible for the administration of the Island's courts

Deputy Scott Wickenden

Treasury Minister nominee

Lucy Marsh Smith
Principal Legislative Drafter

Matthew Thompson

Master of the Royal Court

Marcus Ferbrache
Information Services Department


Adviser to the Board
Tony Moretta As CEO of Digital Jersey Tony is responsible for delivering the organisation’s long-term economic, social and reputational objectives together with meeting annual business plan goals, to develop Jersey as a recognised digital jurisdiction, and as such, can advise the Board on developments worldwide.

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