Curator:  A person who is appointed by the Court to manage and administer the property and affairs of another who, in the opinion of the Court, is incapable of so doing.

Interdict:  A person who is incapable of managing and administering his/her own property and affairs by reason of mental disorder or of addiction as defined in Article 1 of the Law.

Before appointment as a Curator, the proposed Curator must read Article 43 of the Mental Health (Jersey) Law, 1969 (“the Law”), and indicate that he or she fully understands it.

If you would like further information and guidance about how to apply for a Curatorship please call the Law Officers’ Department (01534) 441200 and refer to the documents below.


This Guide is designed to assist you to apply and during the course of a Curatorship. 
This guide will be covered in more depth in the interview which takes place with the Judicial Greffe as part of the Curatorship application. A hard copy of this guide will also be given to you so it can be referred to at any time.

The Probate Section is on hand to provide procedural advice, however a situation may arise during the course of the Curatorship which is not covered in the guide and it is possible that you may need to seek legal or other expert advice.

We do hope that you will find the content of this guide useful.  We are constantly seeking to improve the delivery of service to our clients and would welcome any constructive comments on how this guide may be enhanced.

For general enquiries during the course of the curatorship, please call our Probate Officer on (01534) 441308


Explanatory Notes About Curatorship
Curatorship Procedure Post Interview
Helpful Reminders
Annual Accounts
Draft Accounts Form
Draft Balance Sheet For Accounts
Draft Affidavit Certifying Accounts
Final Accounts
Extract of a Direction From the Bailiff
Draft Representation